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    (i) We live the opensource spirit! ViOffice Conference is Free, Opensource Software based on the work of the Jitsi-Community, the ViOffice Team and many others. Learn more.

    ViOffice Conference is the conference platform for video conferences in larger groups, in contrast to ViOffice Talk, which is only suitable for very small groups and is designed more for text rather than video conversations. Besides the core function of video telephony, the conference platform offers some interesting and useful features for everyday work.

    The ViOffice Conference booking system offers the possibility to schedule video conferences in advance or to start a conference immediately.

    If you want to plan a conference in advance, ViOffice Conference offers you an invitation link that you can send to friends, colleagues or guests. You also have the possibility to download a calendar file for the conference to send it as well. It contains the data you entered (name, date, time of the conference) and the invitation link.

    If the invitation link is opened before the start of the conference or before the time you have specified, a "Please wait" screen appears. Users will be automatically redirected to the conference room from this screen once the specified time has been reached. If you open the invitation link after the specified time, you will be immediately directed to the conference room.

    The booking overview (see image above) also provides you with an administration link to the conference room, so that you as the organiser can enter the conference room before the set time. However, this administration link should not be passed on to others, it is only intended for the person organising the conference and, if applicable, for the speakers, so that they can prepare themselves accordingly before the conference begins (for example, set up the screen transmission).

    Whether you had a conference planned or are opening a room immediately, the next screen you see is the settings screen. Here you can set your name, set the microphone and camera and, if necessary, switch between different microphones & cameras connected to your device.

    For example, the menu items at the bottom left of the video conference allow you to share your screen with others or to moderate the discussion with a large number of participants using the "raise hand" function.

    Additionally, ViOffice Conference includes a chat function to communicate with the participants in parallel. Furthermore, we recommend muting all participants at the beginning, especially in large conferences, to simplify communication. If there is a need to speak, the microphones of the participants can simply be reactivated.

    It is also possible to set an individual password for a conference to prevent unauthorised persons from attending. Nevertheless, if necessary, external persons can also be invited to the conference. It is recommended to switch off the webcams of passive participants (i.e. all those who are not talking at the moment) if possible. By clicking on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen, a number of other useful options can be set.

    Particularly noteworthy is the ViOffice Pad, which can be used to create notes together (collaboratively) parallel to the conference. In addition to the normal webcam view, the screen transmission is a common and very useful tool in video conferences, for example to be able to give presentations from the home office.

    In addition, it is possible to regulate the video quality, mute all participants (only the room moderator can do this) or display the speaker statistics. Furthermore, there are useful keyboard shortcuts that facilitate the handling of ViOffice Conference. The display name can also be changed via the "Settings" function.

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