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    ViOffice protects Privacy

    We completely avoid collecting personal data for user and advertising tracking purposes. This sets us apart from other well-known cloud and office solutions and from the top 1 million websites in the world.

    Our product is "ViOffice" and not our users or their data. ViOffice only collects what is really indispensable for the function of the service and gives absolutely no data to third parties. We run all our services on our own servers, without the involvement of third parties. ViOffice is based exclusively on FOSS and Opensource projects. This ensures that our services only do what they are supposed to do. It makes ViOffice one of the most transparent cloud systems around.

    The source code of ViOffice components is freely available and can be viewed by anyone at any time. Users have the freedom to use the software, understand its source code, distribute it or take initiative and improve it themselves. ViOffice is privacy, GDPR and ePrivacy compliant from the ground up, whether you use it privately, in a club or in your company.

    We attach great importance to the security and protection of your data. For this reason, all data stored in the ViOffice Cloud is encrypted multiple times. Even we as a service provider have no access and no insight into your stored files. This gives our users the feeling of security and self-determination, which we have missed even with established cloud and office systems.

    The design of our services strictly follows the principle of "Privacy by Design". This topic is closely related to the security of the platform and also overlaps with it in parts. However, we do not compromise on the functionality you need to work.

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