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    (i) We live the opensource spirit! ViOffice Sheets is Free, Opensource Software based on the work of the LibreOffice-Community, Collabora, Diagrams and many others. Learn more.

    What is ViOffice Sheets?

    This is our application for collaborative, i.e. joint, creation and editing of text, spreadsheet and presentation documents as well as diagrams based on Collabora Office and LibreOffice. All common Office formats (MS formats: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx; OpenDocuments formats: ods, odt, odp, odg) are supported without any problems.

    Via the plus icon of ViOffice Cloud you can create a new document, which will then be automatically saved in the cloud. Documents created offline can also be uploaded to the cloud and edited by selecting the appropriate file. All changes made to the documents via ViOffice Sheets are automatically saved in the document.

    In ViOffice Sheets, documents can be edited simultaneously (collaboratively) by any number of people. No matter if they have a ViOffice account or not. To do this, you simply have to share the document in question with a group of people (You can find more information about the "Share" function in section ViOffice Cloud).

    Of course, ViOffice Sheets is also perfectly suitable when working alone on a document. On the technical side, the documents do not leave the server, even if they are worked on collaboratively. All files remain in the ViOffice Cloud, where they are stored encrypted.

    ViOffice Sheets & Collabora Online

    ViOffice is a partner company of Collabora Ltd. Collabora is a global company based in Cambridge (England), which specializes in the provision, development and consulting of open source software for professional needs. With the world's largest team of developers, they are significantly involved in the further development and support of the free software office suite LibreOffice. Collabora Online is seamlessly integrated into ViOffice, more precisely into the ViOffice Cloud.

    Furthermore, own templates can be uploaded via the ViOffice Cloud settings or via the menu item "Create template folder" and used when creating a new file.

    The Document Foundation, which is behind LibreOffice, on whose basis Collabora Office and thus also ViOffice Sheets is based, provides in-depth and easy-to-understand manuals for all office applications integrated in ViOffice Sheets:

    Text Documents

    The "New Document" function (.docx or .odt format) allows versatile editing options that you are already used to from common office solutions.


    "New Table" (.xlsx or .ods format) opens a spreadsheet for creating tables and performing calculations.


    "New Presentation" (.pptx or .odp format) creates a new presentation.


    "New Diagram" (.odg format) creates a document for diagrams, flowcharts, and much more).


    In addition, collaborative whiteboards ("New Whiteboard" in .wbr format) can be created to clearly display content.

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