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Additional Offers

    ViOffice is a modular system that fully meets the needs of the majority of our customers. However, if you work in certain specialized areas, it is possible that our standard package does not fully cover all your tasks. In this case, we offer additional open source solutions on request, which are perfectly tailored to your needs.

    Just talk to us about it: salesatvioffice.de

    Example Services

    • OpenSlides: comprehensive solution for digital organization of meetings and conferences. Manage and project agendas, proposals, elections, documents, speech lists and participants.
    • Tabula: Effortless extraction of data from PDF documents and tables.
    • Tryton: Accounting, inventory management, financial analysis for medium and large companies.
    • Penpot: The first open source design and prototyping platform designed for cross-domain teams. Independent of operating systems, it is web-based and works with open web standards.
    • DrawPile: Collaborative drawing board that allows simultaneous drawing and sketching with multiple users and also supports recordings of a drawing session.
    • Vital: Sound waves from custom audio or text. Ideal for visualizing sound for podcasts, videos, and more.
    • Mobilizon: Mobilizon is a tool to find, post and organize events. You can also publish a page for your groups, where members can organize together.
    • Gancio: A shared agenda for local communities!
    • Gitea: Code hosting platform with issue tracking, releases, milestones and much more.
    • Overleaf:  Collaborative work on LaTeX documents directly in the cloud.
    • RStudio-Server: provides a web-based interface to an R instance that is not running locally but on an external central server. This allows the same R session to be accessed from different locations.
    • Discourse: Professional discussion platform for large and even larger teams or organizations.
    • Element / Matrix: The all-in-one chat for teams, friends and organizations incl. interoperability with many other services like Slack, MS Teams, and many more. End-to-end encrypted, decentralized and federated.
    • XMPP: Highly flexible chat solution with huge number of compatible end-user clients and integration possibilities.
    • Rocket.Chat: Chat & organization platform with many integration options (including ViOffice Conference) and additional functions.
    • Mumble: Low-Latency, High-Quality Audio-Chat Server for work areas where high audio quality and extremely low latency are important or e.g. for gaming sessions. Optionally with web client, which can be used directly in the browser.

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