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    (i) We live the opensource spirit! ViOffice Deck is Free, Opensource Software based on the work of Nextcloud and many others. Learn more.

    What is ViOffice Deck?

    Tasks can be distributed in decks and notes can be created for optimal cooperation in the team.

    Once you have created a new deck, you can add a keyword in the keyword or tag list or select an existing keyword and highlight it in colour to determine the status of the task, among other things. In the text field below you can define who is responsible for this task and set an expiry date. In addition, it is possible to create individual categories for cover cards, for example, to distinguish between "To Do", "In progress" and "Completed", in order to clarify the current processing status. A wide range of categories can be set individually.

    Explanations of the tasks are added in the description field. By "[ ]" (without quotation marks) you can also create boxes to mark already completed tasks as done in a clear way.

    By opening the right sidebar, you also have the option to share tasks with others, edit keywords, view deleted folders or the timeline. Furthermore, there is an integrated filter function to find specific tasks more easily. It is also possible to add files in different formats as attachments to a cover card. You can archive or delete the cards of entire categories using the three dots next to the "Plus" icon.

    Integration with ViOffice & Apps

    The deck is not only useful for direct distribution of tasks, but it is autoamatically synchronized with the corresponding ViOffice calendars. Thus, deadlines of individual cards in the deck are also clearly represented in the calendar.

    For Android devices, the deck is easily compatible with the Nextcloud Deck (F-Droid Store) app. This allows viewing and editing team tasks in ViOffice Deck and informs you immediately about changes in the task stack. More about this under Apps.

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